The COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s a moment like this that reconnects us deeply to our purpose. As COVID-19 continues to spread and the situation across the country evolves daily, even hourly, we are united with you in the work of connecting people to the help they need. Millions of Americans are suddenly finding themselves jobless with no real means of putting food on the table in the coming weeks or months, and thousands are finding themselves in need of urgent medical care for testing and treatment when they are most afraid.

All of us working together can make a real impact, not just in this moment but in the long road ahead.


We work with state, county, and local government agencies and partners to improve access to healthcare, food assistance, and other public programs, so that all people eligible for support can receive it.

Our experts dig deep into the details of how systems work and what applicants experience to create people-first solutions that connect people to multiple benefits with efficiency and dignity.


From screening and referral to integrated eligibility and enrollment systems, we create modular solutions that can become end-to-end systems.


We use our policy expertise to inform the way technology solutions function, and share insights through partnerships and thought leadership.


We support courageous changemakers looking to optimize processes, operations, and systems for the greatest benefit to people and programs.


We understand the complexity of systems and people. That’s why state, county, and local government agencies in health & human services, direct service providers, advocacy organizations, and healthcare payers throughout the country have partnered with us to deliver more for the people they serve.