Who We Are
We are tenacious problem-solvers on a bold mission: to eliminate the barriers that stand between people and services.


We work with communities to shape a social opportunity system that supports the 100 million economically insecure people in the US and centers women of color. We are reimagining the way technology is used to enable people to have agency to connect to opportunity.


We began as tenacious problem-solvers. In 1999, a group of changemakers from philanthropy and technology partnered to solve a problem: Why was California’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) enrollment so low? Undeterred, they transformed California’s CHIP application into a streamlined, effective, digital-only application. It worked, creating Health-e-App, the first application with an online signature for a public benefit program — reducing the application time from 97 to 7 minutes. Since then, we have connected millions of people to support and helped other changemakers at agencies and organizations realize our shared purpose.

In 2020, Alluma merged with One Degree, a resource and referral platform for nonprofit and community-based resources. Alluma’s eligibility and enrollment solutions have connected more than 25 million people across the country to critical health and human services that change lives and create stronger communities. One Degree’s platform serves around 250,000 annually, and together Alluma and One Degree aim to grow their impact 100-fold.


We see a world where everyone has economic and social well-being. We envision the establishment of new expectations for how society protects, provides for, and partners with communities — especially women of color. These expectations create a social opportunity system that promotes economic equity and racial inclusion and holds itself accountable for ensuring dignity, respect, and fairness.


As a nonprofit social enterprise, we have a different bottom line and the flexibility to challenge the way things are done.

As an organization, we:

  • Lead with race and class equity as the goal
  • Put people first
  • Empower people to have agency
  • Build trust through transparency
  • Embrace creativity and learning


We’re a diverse group of problem solvers with heart and tenacity. Our team takes a mission-first approach to their work and understands how it connects to the wider purpose. Many of us have had direct experience with needing support or have had family members who need help from public programs.

Leadership Team

Chief of Programs and Technology
Chief Operating Officer
Interim CEO
Senior Director, Solution Engineering