We Are Alluma

We have exciting news to share: Social Interest Solutions is evolving and rebranding as Alluma. Our new name better reflects the boldness of our mission and our methods today. Here’s how.

Since our very first project in 1999, we have tackled our work with curiosity and tenacity. That first challenge—improving CHIP enrollment in California—led us to form the Center to Promote Healthcare Access. As a non-profit, we combined technology and policy expertise to create solutions that connected people to the help they needed. Over time, we added other critical services and support, and became Social Interest Solutions.

In the years since, a lot has changed in the world of government and public program technology. But getting help is still harder than it needs to be. Technology alone can’t fix it. People’s lives are complicated, and the infrastructure of programs that aim to help them is even more complex. We deeply understand the challenges on both sides.

We take a human-centered design approach in our solutions that integrates policy and technology expertise at every step. We apply an understanding of how people actually live and flex to what agencies and others need to make connecting to help easier and more effective.

Our team has the decades of experience in policy, operations, and technology to address ALL aspects of the complexity facing our clients and the people they serve. By looking at problems through these multiple perspectives, we believe we can ILLUMINATE new possibilities to help public programs deliver on the promise for which they were created.

All+Illuminate = Alluma.

You’ll be hearing more from us in the future, as we bring new solutions and ideas to the field. We invite you to visit our website, sign up for our newsletter, and join  us on this  journey to eliminate the barriers in connecting people to help when they need it. Together, let’s push the limits of what’s possible.