Three Approaches to the COVID-19 Crisis: April 17, 2020 Newsletter

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In a crisis, the urge to take action, to do anything to alleviate pain and suffering, is instinctive. COVID-19 is calling us all to act with immediate relief – delivering basic services like medical care and food. And yet we also know that the steps we take today can and should include long-term pursuit of the stronger economic and social systems we want to build in this country. That’s been the guiding premise of Alluma since our beginning 20 years ago, enabling us to connect more than 25 million people to critical services and support, such as healthcare and food.

This focus on the future is why we’re working on several aspects of the response to this crisis simultaneously, applying a human-centered approach at the intersection of policy and technology to break down barriers to access, not just for today, but for the waves of need we see coming.

The first point of focus is Retention: ensuring people who receive benefits today retain them, so that their situation isn’t made even worse by COVID-19 or its impacts like unemployment. The second priority is Access: creating seamless and dignified ways for people to apply and enroll for programs for which they are eligible, many for the first time. And the third is Connection: ensuring that every step in the application process, from the front-end to the back, is designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency so that agencies and others administering programs have greater control in how they help their communities.

Lessons Learned from the First 30 Days

Learn how we made automatic renewal of healthcare coverage happen immediately so thousands of people could stay home instead of visiting clinics to retain their benefits.

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Decoding Common Challenges & Leveraging Low-tech Fixes for Better Customer Service

This user journey map covers the common issues health & human services/benefit programs face while offering some potential low-tech solutions.

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Designing for Connection

We launched a new technology solution that is more modular, flexible, and intuitive, to put more ease and control in the hands of administrators. Whether you’re managing a local health care program, delivering CalFresh benefits, or managing housing support, let us show you how One-x-Connection can be customized for your needs.

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