Rebuilding the Social Safety Net: How Can We Center Equity? - Wednesday, October 28

Event Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 9-10am PT on Zoom

Event Topic: Rebuilding the Social Safety Net: How Can We Center Equity?
A discussion of strategies and insights to ensure our system can help all people achieve social and economic mobility

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Our nation’s social safety net has never had greater importance, as the pandemic has caused nearly 50 million more Americans to find themselves out of work and facing an eviction crisis. But it also further exposed the long-standing cracks and inequities of a system that is failing people and families who desperately need help and support.

Please join us for a Zoom Forum for a timely discussion on a bold effort to help transform our social safety net to achieve its true promise of empowering people to live better lives.

Robert Phillips, CEO of Alluma, and Rey Faustino, Founder of One Degree and now Alluma Chief Strategy and Impact Officer, will lead an interactive conversation about the future of the safety net, and how the nonprofit and public sector can come together to provide innovative solutions that increase access and center equity. Please come ready to share your experiences, ask questions, and provide ideas on how to build a better safety net.