Rebuilding the Social Safety Net: Breaking the Cycle of Inequity - Wednesday, February 10

Event Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 10-11am PT on Zoom

Event Topic: Rebuilding the Social Safety Net: Breaking theCycle of Inequity
A discussion that takes a closer look at policies and technologies to integrate equity into the system

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From "mother’s pensions" in the 1900s, used to exclude Black women from aid to mothers with children, to Reagan’s "Welfare Queen" narrative in the 1980s, to Clinton’s 1996 racialized welfare reform and workfare programs, false racist narratives have long been applied to people experiencing poverty. Years later, we still have yet to examine and interrupt these patterns.Support from government or state resources has never been under as much scrutiny as it is now. Long wait times, systemic shortcomings and confusing application processes are making new headlines every day as more and more people seek access to public benefits. But the issues being highlighted today are not new. Since its inception, the social safety net system has provided essential support to families with low incomes and in times of need, but it has also served to reinforce structures of oppression.

To break the cycles of inequity in our safety net system, we must take a closer look at the policies that shape our system and the technology and processes we use to administer them.

Please join us for a Zoom Forum on Wednesday, February 10, at 10am PT, to engage in a timely discussion on how to transform our social safety net to achieve its true promise.

Alluma CEO Robert Phillips and expert panelists Anna Gorman, LA County Dept. of Health Services Director of Community Partnerships & Programs, and Marko Mijic, Deputy Secretary - CA Health and Human Services, will lead the discussion and chart out a roadmap for the sector to center equity in the social safety net by reimagining the intentions of our programs, the incentives built in to get us there, and how we measure success.