A completely reimagined approach to services and support that connects more people to benefits with ease and efficiency.

What Is One-x-Connection?

One-x-Connection (OxC) is a cloud-based solution designed for government agencies and nonprofits responsible for determining eligibility and for enrolling individuals and families in a wide array of health and social services.

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Quick Screener
Quick Screener
  • Public-facing and anonymous
  • No log-in, no registration, no entry of personal information required
  • Preliminary eligibility determination in less than 3 minutes
  • Easily customizable for any program
  • Learn more about the Quick Screener.
Business Rules Engine 
Business Rules Engine
  • Easy-to-use, transparent, and with plain and simple language
  • Ability to configure rules for multiple programs
Document Management
Document Management
  • Automated document classification:
    • Allows capture of multiple documents in one PDF to be split and classified into individual documents
    • Uses Machine Learning to recognize different types of documents, and allows the user to assign them to individuals
    • Intelligent classification matches documents to the program verifications they satisfy
  • Manual or automated dispositioning
Multi-benefit Eligibility & Enrollment
Multi-benefit Eligibility & Enrollment
  • Dynamic Questioning: only ask questions for programs applying for and intelligently modify based on previous answers
  • Modern user interface that is ADA compliant and written at a 6th grade reading level
  • Robust duplicate management validations that prevent potential duplicate person records
  • Electronic signature collection  
  • Supports the full life-cycle of an individual's program engagement, from application intake through enrollment and renewal

Reporting and Analytics
Reporting and Analytics
  • Separate transactional and reporting databases optimize system performance
  • Use our Business Intelligence and Analytics tool or plug into your own
  • Easy-to-build, user-driven interactive reports and data visualization
Audit & Approval
Audit & Approval
  • Review submitted applications and determine the quality of the applications, make final determinations, and provide status updates
  • Randomly select & filter applications by date range, programs, and assisters
  • Auditors can pass or fail audited applications
  • Streamline activities, and help programs achieve their goals all within the same platform

Why OxC?

Because you and your teams are doing the hard work of connecting people to the support and services they need every day.

Our streamlined and configurable platform empowers administrators and assisters, which means more time focused on what matters.

Why Now?

Because programs and services are decentralized, with multiple forms and different intake processes serving as barriers to applicants and agencies.

The technology now exists for faster and more accurate service, and people expect it.

Why Alluma?

We’re more than just a vendor — we’re a partner and stakeholder in helping communities thrive.

This has been our core work for over 20 years: exploring our clients’ challenges from multiple perspectives in order to connect more people to the benefits for which they are eligible.

One-x-Connection is a modern eligibility and enrollment solution that offers...

Built-in features that support integrated benefit eligibility and promote benefit retention for qualified individuals and families

Automated electronic communication to applicants to promote timely action

Faster, more intuitive data collection and entry for applicants and assisters

Dashboards that enable more efficient workload management

Program data available on demand for self-service reporting and analysis

Minimal collection of applicant personal information and stringent data protection

Easy-to-use tools that empower administrators to configure and edit the process to reflect their day-to-day environment

Designing for connection.

Getting help is harder than it needs to be. At Alluma, we want to make it easier and more effective.

One-x-Connection was built around the concept that a people-first solution should match the way people really live and help them navigate through the complexities of the systems and programs they need.

We believe a people-first solution for eligibility and enrollment systems should address 5 key principles.


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