One Degree

Empowering People to Apply for Health Coverage and Food Assistance through a Program Referral Service

One Degree, a public direct-to-consumer web and mobile platform, offers a robust public-facing inventory of organizations and services to help people find available supports in their communities, such as food banks or financial literacy programs.

Our Goal: Empower users to seek health coverage and food assistance by allowing users to determine if they’re likely eligible while using the app.

Their Challenges

  • Millions of Californians are eligible for food and medical assistance through Medi-Cal and CalFresh but aren’t enrolled.
  • Long lines, distant locations, and limited office hours can deter people from learning if they are eligible.
  • One Degree wanted to encourage users to take the next steps required to apply and receive Medi-Cal and CalFresh.

Our Solution
Using our quick and precise screening technology, we built and integrated a state-wide eligibility screener into One Degree’s comprehensive referral platform.

More than 18,000 low-income families using One Degree each month now have access to this tool to quickly understand if they’re likely eligible for Medi-Cal and CalFresh in less than three minutes.