Microsoft in Business Blogs: Improving Benefit Access with Alluma

Originally published on Microsoft in Business Blogs, August 3, 2020

Twenty years ago, the state of California was staring down an impending crisis. Due to cost, access, and complexity, roughly two million children across the state were living without health insurance. While California offered its own Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), the program’s complex requirements—including a 28-page application that took over an hour and a half to complete—kept hundreds of thousands of working families from leveraging the safety net they needed.

Enter Alluma. The organization’s founders recognized the demand for more accessible care solutions, and in 2001 released a streamlined online CHIP application with the ability to sign electronically—reducing the application time from 97 minutes to seven. Suddenly, California’s most vulnerable populations had an accessible resource that advocated on their behalf and helped connect them to the vital services the state provides...

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