COVID-19 Resources
What county and state governments need to know in order to respond to COVID-19 policy changes, and updates on Alluma's work with our clients.

At Alluma, we have been monitoring COVID-19-related policy changes made through legislation, executive orders, and state filings, while helping our local, county and state agency clients expand their public benefits programs — including Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, and others — as quickly as possible.

Here you'll find the insights and resources we have developed to help policymakers, technologists, and our clients navigate the constantly evolving work of connecting people to the help they need.

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Closing the Gaps

(May 8, 2020) - In the era of COVID-19, “social distancing,” the term of the moment, is creating gaps essential for our personal health and community safety. Other gaps need to be closed.

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New Normal: Security in a COVID World

(May 8, 2020) - 5 key questions with Mike Landeck, Information Risk Management Strategist, Alluma regarding common tech security problems in a COVID world.

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Let's Not Go Back to "Normal" - May 1, 2020 Newsletter

(May 1, 2020) - Let’s think about what “normal” means. “Normal” is what we’ve come to accept as the status quo. As a society, we have normalized poverty, inequality, and disparity. Is this what we want to return to?

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Yes, Let’s Build a Human-Centered Safety Net

(May 1, 2020) - Now more than ever, states and counties need to come together to make eligibility systems more efficient and create more cohesive eligibility rules when it comes to making determinations across programs.

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Three Approaches to the COVID-19 Crisis

(April 17, 2020) - We’re working on several aspects of the response to this crisis - retention, access, and connection - and applying a human-centered approach to break down barriers to access.

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Extending Renewal for Your Program? Here Are 3 Lessons We Learned

(April 15, 2020) - Learn how we made automatic renewal of healthcare coverage happen immediately so thousands of people could stay home instead of visiting clinics to retain their benefits.

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Decoding Common Challenges & Leveraging Low-tech Fixes for Better Customer Service

(April 13, 2020) - This user journey map covers the common issues health & human services/benefit programs face while offering some potential low-tech solutions.

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The Structural Inequities Laid Bare by COVID-19

(April 10, 2020) - The reality is that COVID-19 is exposing structural flaws in our system that can’t be fixed overnight. In this moment, let’s be bold about thinking about what can come next.

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“Food feeds your mind, body, and soul. Food is culture. Food is medicine.”

(April 3, 2020) - An update on what we’ve been focused on with our partners and clients this past week.

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Best Tech Tips for Agencies

(April 3, 2020) - In light of the increase in people applying for benefits, we offer tips to help agencies determine eligibility for and enroll people in benefit programs easily and without any avoidable delays.

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What Do Counties Need from Social Tech During the COVID-19 Rapid Response?

(March 27, 2020) - An update on what we’ve been focused on with our partners and clients this past week.

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Addressing the Impact of COVID-19: Key Policy Changes in California’s Benefit Programs

(March 27, 2020) - How application and enrollment rules have been changing or relaxing for large statewide programs like Medi-Cal and CalFresh in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

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COVID-19 Policy Changes and the Safety Net: An Overview of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

(March 27, 2020) - Policy changes related to COVID-19 are happening at both the federal and state levels. How does the Families First Act impact the safety net for Americans?

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Connecting People to Help Is More Critical Now Than Ever

(March 20, 2020) - As COVID-19 continues to spread and the situation across the country evolves, we are focused on solving the challenges to accessing support and services right now. 

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Additional Resources


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A Resource Guide to Coronavirus for Government Leaders [ GovTech]

Coronavirus Policy Watch [ Kaiser Family Foundation ]

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Community Referrals

One Degree COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resource Guide (San Francisco Bay Area/Los Angeles County) [ One Degree ]

Federal Government

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center [ Georgetown Center for Children and Families ]

Families First Coronavirus Response Act Medicaid and CHIP Provisions Explained [ Georgetown Center for Children and Families ]

CMS Current Emergencies page for COVID-19 [ CMS ]

Coronavirus Response Roundup [ CBPP ]

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) [ ]

Federal Disaster Resources [ ]

Congress.Gov Resource Blog

Facilitating Low-Income Families’ Use of Emergency Paid Family Leave: Considerations for Human Services Agencies in Supporting Workers and Their Employers [ ASPE ]

Guidance on Pandemic Unemployment Assistance [ US Dept. of Labor ]

State Government

Arizona Together (English | Spanish) [ ]

Arizona: COVID-19 Waivers & Flexibilities [ USDA ]

California: COVID-19 Waivers & Flexibilities [ USDA ]

State Data and Policy Actions to Address Coronavirus [ Kaiser Family Foundation ]

How the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Affects State Medicaid Programs [ NASHP ]

States Use Federal Waivers to Expand Health Care Resources to Confront COVID-19 [ NASHP ]

Medicaid Emergency Authority Tracker: Approved State Actions to Address COVID-19 [ Kaiser Family Foundation ]

State Action Related to COVID-19 Coverage of Critical Services by Private Insurers [ The Commonwealth Fund ]

COVID-19 Updates [ California Dept. of Public Health ]

COVID-19 Resources for California Consumers [ California Health Care Foundation ]

Coronavirus 2019 Resources for California Employers and Workers [ California Labor & Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) ]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in California [ ]

COVID-19 California Resources: Telehealth [ California Health Care Foundation ]

CAFP Resources for COVID-19 Response [ California Academy of Family Physicians ]

County Government

County Declarations and Policies in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic [ NACo ]

County Governments and COVID-19: Key Issues and Resources [ NACo ]

County Tech Xchange: COVID-19 Software Guide for Counties [ NACo ]

Special Populations

Homelessness and COVID-19 Collide in California [ California Health Care Foundation ]

Immigrant Eligibility for Public Programs During COVID-19 [ Protecting Immigrant Families ]

County Medically Indigent Programs [ ITUP ]

Foster Youth & Families [ ]

Guide for Immigrant Californians [ ]

Guide to Public Benefits for Immigrants [ Keep Your Benefits ]

Changes to Benefit Programs

CHIP and COVID-19 Response [ Georgetown Center for Children and Families ]

CalWORKs/CalFresh Guidance [ CDSS ]

SNAP: State Guidance on Coronavirus Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) [ USDA ]

COVID-19 Emergency Allotment for CalFresh Recipients [ Western Center on Law & Poverty ]

Policy Basics: Unemployment Insurance [ Center on Budget & Policy Priorities ]