Better User Experience Made Easy: Tech-Savvy Checklists for Your Next Project

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Everyone’s talking about modernization. Faster! Smarter! More apps for more applications! From public benefit agencies to organizations connecting people to services, we’re seeing a rapid shift in the way we think about how process improvements can and should be done.

The technology and operation gaps, made clearer in light of this crisis, show us many opportunities to build a better, more human-centered system, especially within the social safety net infrastructure meant to help in tough times. At Alluma, we’re excited to imagine this future with you.

And while you and your teams are moving quickly to roll out new features and tools, you might be wishing there was an easy-to-use overview of best practices and things to keep in mind. So we created two checklists just for you:

The Tech-Savvy Checklist for Benefit Agencies showcases the little considerations that make a big difference in how clients use tools for their everyday interactions.


Key Features of a Successful Portal is a comprehensive guide to features and functions that your online portal should have, whether for Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, or a local program.


Download, print, share, and let us know what you’ve been learning through this process.