Portals, Mobile Apps, and Checklists: Helping Your Agency Connect People to Services

By modernizing benefit web portals and mobile apps, agencies can deliver stronger eligibility and enrollment services that meet the needs of people and boost overall productivity of staff. To help your agency create better experiences for those navigating consumer-facing technology, we have created two lists of best practices that we’ve developed over the years:

  • The Tech-Savvy Checklist for Benefit Agencies showcases the little considerations that make a big difference in how clients use tools for their everyday interactions.
  • The Key Features of a Successful Portal is a comprehensive guide to features and functions that your online portal should have, whether for Medicaid, SNAP, or TANF. If you’re rethinking your online eligibility and enrollment portal, there are many opportunities to use smart, simple technology to go beyond just information-sharing and applications.

At Alluma, we are here to help your agency build better pathways between people and programs. But, figuring that out means designing for the challenges people face connecting to support. Agency web portals and mobile apps, in particular, need to consider the user experience.

For example, one way you can start creating better experiences via agency tools is by simplifying the renewal process. By giving your clients the capability to view, manage, and upload documents electronically, you bypass the burden of submitting documents in person, by mail, or by fax. Your clients have an easier way to provide their documents so that they can keep their benefits while your agency meets its renewal benchmark. This is just one of several features that can be utilized to improve services.

Download and share these valuable tips as a guide to provide better connections for people applying for or renewing their benefits.

The Tech-Savvy Checklist for Benefit Agencies

Key Features of a Successful Portal