2021 Year in Review

We have spent 2021 working harder than ever to build a "social opportunity system" that prioritizes improving how women of color and low income women simply and easily get information and help. But progress continues to be too slow for far too many.


Alluma works with communities to shape a social opportunity system that supports and propels economically insecure people and centers women of color. We are reimagining the way technology enables people to connect to opportunity and have agency.


We see a world where everyone has economic and social well-being.​
We envision a new expectation for how society protects, provides for, and partners with communities — especially women of color. ​
We are designing a social opportunity system that promotes economic equity and racial inclusion and holds itself accountable for ensuring dignity, respect, and fairness.


  • Lead with race and class equity as the goal
  • Put people first
  • Empower people to have agency
  • Build trust through transparency
  • Embrace creativity and learning


We understand the complexity of systems and people. That’s why state, county, and local government agencies in health & human services, direct service providers, advocacy organizations, and healthcare payers throughout the country have partnered with us to deliver more for the people they serve.