No-Stop Government’s Biggest Hurdle? Trust

The barrier to getting a privacy-protecting, pro-active form of no-stop government is trust. How can government build enough trust so that historically underserved communities will trust government enough to share data when it’s needed?


Alluma works with communities to shape a social opportunity system that supports and propels the 100 million economically insecure people in the US and centers women of color.

We are reimagining the way technology is used to enable people to have agency to connect to opportunity by bringing a race and class equity lens to our work to address race and related forms of structural oppression.


We are revolutionizing the way people access social services and public benefits by creating an end-to-end service delivery platform that can simply and seamlessly connect people to the support they need.


Through a race equity lens, we use our policy expertise to inform the way technology solutions function, and share insights through partnerships and thought leadership.


We support courageous changemakers looking to optimize processes, operations, and systems for the greatest benefit to people and programs.


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